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About us

The company is located in jiande, zhejiang province, dry lake town£¬Is located in320National highway£¬The traffic is very convenient£¬With hundreds of nest board forming dies£¬According to the sample produce various products offered by you£¬So that you can design new product into market in the shortest time£¬In the design of products has infinite imaginary space...

The company devotes to the bent wood product research and development for many years¡¢Production and processing and sales£¬Within the export of bent wood flagship product£ºBent wood chair¡¢The table¡¢Office chair¡¢Recreational chair and all kinds of shoes stool¡¢Solid wooden chair, etc£¬At present there are thousands of kinds of products£¬Our design philosophy is£ºHealth¡¢Environmental protection¡¢Contracted¡¢Comfortable£¬Services for your life£¡

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Product introduction

Jiande tongda chairs industry co., LTD

  The mailbox£ºinfoaa0000srjfg
  Address£ºZhejiang province jiande dry lake industrial park